95. Weights & Biases and Organization Management w/ l2k




Weights & Biases 創業者であるLukas Biewaldさんをゲストに、MLOpsプラットフォーム、起業のきっかけ、GPT-4の活用例、多くの従業員の考えを合わせる方法、OKR運用、全社オフサイトイベントなどについて語っていただいたエピソードです。


Lukas Biewald
Lukas Biewald


  • What is “Weights & Biases” as product?
  • MLOps Platform
  • Use “Weights & Biases” for Kaggle
  • Why did you start “Weights & Biases”? / Motivation?
  • To make ML in production easier
  • ML doesn’t give you errors; quietly fails
  • Is there anything to find errors in ML?
  • How do you think of a hype about generative AI?
  • GPT-4 for code debugging
  • Any integration GPT-4 and “Weights & Biases”
  • WandBot (Report, Discord)
  • Which way do you use to improve documentation, fine tuning or few shots?
  • Why “Weights & Biases” boost the business in Japan?
  • How do you align your idea among employees?
  • Goal setting and OKR
  • How long do you spend OKR?
  • Blameless retrospectives
  • How do you prioritize things?
  • Fighting in goal planning
  • Book: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, 20th Anniversary Edition
  • 翻訳書籍: あなたのチームは、機能してますか?
  • How to build trust in company?
  • A lot of trusts comes from by knowing each other
  • Slack channel for gratitude
  • Company-wide of offsite event
  • Programs of the event
  • What’s the most amazing thing you have learned in management or entrepreneurship?
  • AI Expo (東京ビッグサイト 1F, 8-36, 5月10-12日)
  • Linkedin, Weights & Biases